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I like to create magic – just like you do!  It would be easy to fill you up with agency speak/jargon in a flashy 3 minute reel here, but nope/nadda.   No super-slick, Dragon’s Den reality TV bullshit – in your face OMFG power pitch.  No target demographic/no social banter – and, this will take an extra minute or two.  so please be patient … 

It should be noted that I have hundreds of original titles (instrumental and songs) that are unique (and immaculately mixed) and available for licensing at a moment’s notice.  I run a digital audio/video editing/mastering suite out of my home – my chop shop.  If you like what you see/hear in the music/sound section of this site, then I would encourage you to contact me so that we can work out an action plan for you.  I’m also well versed in web applications/WordPress and am available for consultation/music and sound supervision (in conjunction) as well (small and large format audio production).

Client Shortlist:  Cossette Communications, MacLaren McCann and JWT (advertising), Universal Music Group, CBC, NFB, RIIS Media, Insight Productions, Atlantis/Alliance.  Custom web and sound design for media (advertising/film/television/documentary production).

more samples below – follow the music link:

Jim Lamarche – Discography

One Life – © 2018 – Temple Music
Temple Redux – © 2012 – Temple Music
Old Friends – © 2010 – Temple Music
Temple – © 1998 – Temple Music
Spearmint Lake – © 1994 – Spiral Sky Music
Night Parachuting 2 – © 1993 – Spiral Sky Music
Night Parachuting – © 1991 – Spiral Sky Music (available on iTunes)  – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/night-parachuting/id278032911
Searching for the Sunrise – © 1985 A&M/Universal Music Group
Lamarche – EP – © 1983 A&M/Universal Music Group








listen to ONE LIFE here:  follow the music link: