The Jim Lamarche Mentorship Program:

Please note:  The Jim Lamarche Mentorship Program (2018) is now closed.  Accepting applications for 2019.

In the mentorship program you will have access to ongoing guidance/support, advice on and including:

  • The best school for you to attend (after a preliminary evaluation).
  • The best program/course of study (in media arts).
  • Resources (links/contacts and introductions) to those in the industry who can assist (post-grad).
  • Developing entrepreneurial spirit, occupation (labour market) research, skill set marketing and proper ongoing networking
  • Ongoing/unlimited communication (one on one via email – 2 years).
  • Constructive feedback on projects.
  • Recommendations:  Developing a plan of action that works for you.
  • Assistance in the creation of a focussed and meaningful web presence.
  • Letter of Recommendation from Jim Lamarche (verification of participation/completion of the mentorship program).

*   Please Note:  Those accepted into the Mentorship Program must be a graduate of a secondary or post-secondary school (high-school, college or university) and demonstrate a focussed commitment/having adequate pre-existing conditions in place.  FOR MORE INFO EMAIL BELOW.


PRICE:  $1000 CAD (all inclusive)

Applicants will be requested to do on-line typology/aptitude, ear/tone and/or eye/colour assessment tests and write a 500 word essay on why a career in media arts is right for them.  (one full page 12pt font/single spaced).


Contact:  Jim Lamarche